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ADMIN OF BOOK PIMPERS  BLOGGER AND REVIEWER.  I’m Lisa Walker, living in Birmingham UK  Bit about me,   One of my  hobbies is Netball, I currently manage my own netball club who are doing very well in the netball league we are in. My biggest passion of all is reading, Totally love my kindle couldn’t be without it. I’m constantly getting books I have a slight obsession. Which leads to the Book Sluts group being made  by me and my sister then the page being made and the start of Book Pimpers, I really wanted to get more involved in helping to promote the Authors, and since this I have made some great friendships from all over the world and I am very greatful for this. Since Starting Book Pimpers I then decided I wanted us to have a website were we would post up Interviews for Authors, Book Reveals etc the list goes on. I have to say I totally enjoy it and love to be able to help the Authors out there.  My first Erotic book ever was FSOG and wow it totally opened my eyes up to the whole erotic genre , My first paranormal Book was Afterlife Saga and OMG amazing, Which has then lead me into read Black Dagger Brotherhood Books. So ye I love Erotica, Paranormal, Comtemporary Romance, Love the Dark Twisted books too, Shout out to Callie Hart Fantastic Writer ,  Lily White is amazing and Love Pepper Winters to proper fangirls to these Authors lol. I have many favorites but far to many to mention on here.

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