Promotional Services and Prices

Cover Reveals ~ £20.00

Cover Reveal is a great way in promoting your cover , It will let your readers see your exciting new

cover plus you could also share the synopsis so it also gives the readers info on your book.


  • We need all the info sent at least 5 days prior to the reveal
  • We can sort out the required signup forms and post them out to the bloggers,  I will then get the Cover Reveal packet and forward it to the bloggers 3 days before the reveal.
  • We can add a giveaway in the post if you require also.



Blog Tours ~  5 days  £45.00  10 days  £90



  • Blog tours will be run over 5 to 10 days
  • I will  require the materials within 4 weeks and also a Arc  of the book , I will sort out the scheduling and the distribution of the Arcs and provide all the bloggers the materials they need for the tour.
  • I will send you a list of blogs that are taking part.
  • All tour stops will be promoted on facebook and twitter.

Reviewers are not guaranteed I can guarantee the book will be sent to the bloggers and If you require the list I can send it to you. I will also ask the bloggers if they can not rate your book 3 stars and above to refrain from posting up there reviews till after the tour has finished.


Release Blitz  or Book Blitz ~ £30.00

  •    This is just a one day Blitz I will need all the materials sent to me 2 to 3 days before the arranged date of your blitz.
  • If you are looking for reviews for your blitz I will then need your Arc sent to be at least 2 weeks before to give the bloggers time to read it.

You need to make sure that all relevant materials are sent to me on time for the blitz.


If you require any changes with any of these packages then feel free to let me know when you send the email.





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