🌟Rockstar Daddy series by K.T. Fisher 🌟

Kendal Moore and Jax Parker met when they were eighteen. Two years later, they’re together and are very much in love. At the age of twenty Kendal finds out she’s pregnant, she knows she has to make the right choice.
Her Boyfriend, Jax is in an up and coming rock band called Decoy. Kendal knows that if she keeps the baby Jax will do right by her and support her all the way. But does she really want him to do that? She loves Jax too much to let him give up on his band and their dream to stardom. 
So Kenal makes the hard choice to leave Jax and keeping the baby a secret.
Rockstar Daddy takes place four years after Kendal left Jax. Kendal is a hard working mum to three and a half year old Finley and Jax is a huge rockstar. Read Rockstar Daddy to follow Kendal and Jax’s journey. Will Jax and Kendal meet again and will Jax find out he has a son?

Rockstar Daddy 1# 




In Rockstar Daddy Jax and Kendal found each other again after four years and now that Jax knows about Finley he knows what he wants. Kendal has always been his and he will have Kendal back even if that means he has to fight for her in the middle of a nightclub.
Kendal knows that she loves Jax and after Jax told her he loved her she wants to tell him but she can’t. She doesn’t want to confuse Finley with everything but Jax is making it a little hard to ignore him. 
Join Kendal and Jax to see if they can finally have their happiness inbetween the rock star lifestyle, paparazzi and ex partners.
Contains sex scenes

Rockstar Daddy 2#




Since the day Tanya and Leo met they have held an intense attraction for each other. After a hot and passionate night together Tanya is scared that her feelings for Leo are changing from lust and into something more. She doesn’t want to fall in love with the playboy drummer, that’s just begging for her to get hurt.
Leo loves Tanya’s no nonsense attitude, she’s different to all the other girls that surround him and he wants her. After their explosive nights together he knows it goes deeper than just sex but Tanya wants to keep quiet about them from their friends and that secretly pisses him of. 
Tanya leaves Leo’s after an argument and they don’t see each other for four years. That time apart has left Tanya feeling more and more angry with Leo and Leo craving beautiful and sexy blonde women. They just don’t compare to his beautiful angel and he wants her again, Tanya just won’t give him a chance to explain
Rockstar Daddy 3#



Maisy and Max have been really close for a while now. They clicked straight away and a beautiful friendship blossomed. But is it just an innocent friendship? When Maisy’s sexy and troublesome younger sister, Lauren, comes to town, she begins to stir everything up. Max’s eyes wander and Maisy, for some reason, doesn’t like it. She tells herself that it’s because she doesn’t want her sister hurt by his playboy ways, but is that true? Join Max and Maisy on their confusing journey full of heartbreak and turmoil. Where their friendship is stretched to the limits with lust and betrayal. Amongst tragedy and danger, can your heart lead you in the right direction?

Rockstar Daddy 4#




Kings Harlots Series and Rude by J.M. Walker 

Book 1 Grit 

*Can be read as a standalone novel*
“An unexpected evil brings both the MC and Military world together in this brand new series by J.M. Walker”

He refuses to fall in love.

He was born alone and he will die alone. Or, at least he thought so until now.

Vice-One is all he knows. His squad. His brothers. The men he spends every day protecting. He is empty and only one person can fill this void. This darkness.

Meanwhile, Genevieve Gold makes it clear he should stay away when she is everything he craves.

She is lost.

Her heart has been ripped out; stomped on…crushed into tiny pieces, leaving only a gaping hole behind.

King’s Harlots is all she has. Her club. Her sisters. Her life. But something is missing until he shows up.

Angel Rodriguez is everything she hates but everything she needs.
Putting differences aside, they will work together to bring down a malevolent force threatening to rip them apart…

Amazon US ➜ https://amzn.com/B01D7Y1FEK

Amazon CA ➜ http://a.co/8MtdEmq

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Book 2 Stain 

*Can be read as a standalone novel* 

“An unexpected evil brings both the MC and Military world together in this brand new series by J.M. Walker”

He wants to be alone.

Nightmares from his past keep him guarded and afraid.

Vice-One is his life. They’re his brothers—the only people who helped keep him out of his own head long enough to move on from the childhood he never asked for.

His therapy has been protecting his country, barely taking a break before beginning his next mission. But no amount of training can prepare him for his great challenge yet—convincing Meeka Cline that she will be his.

She wants out.

Her world fell apart when King’s Harlots no longer trusted her, but she continues to fight to gain back their respect.

All she wants is to help those wronged by the evil that has put a shadow on everyone she knows.

Asher Donovan comes to her for help when he needs her most only to have passion flare up between them. One problem: He’s her best friend.

Putting aside their friendship, they use the heat between them to please the depraved minds they now understand…

2 – Stain  

Amazon US ➜ https://amzn.com/B01JVS6R5I

Amazon CA ➜ http://a.co/iTmf77b

Amazon UK ➜ http://amzn.eu/f3gp2g6

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Kobo ➜ http://tinyurl.com/hwcyr2
Book 3 Grim 

“An unexpected evil brings both the MC and Military world together in this brand new series by J.M. Walker”
He never thought he could be happy.

Vice-One had been what he needed most, until he met Genevieve Gold.
She can’t forget her past.

The walls she’d built are hard to break, even after falling in love with Angel Rodriguez.
They have been together for months, have tried to be happy but still can’t find that certain connection—the piece of them that should ignore the evils of life and focus on the love they have for each other.

 Grim (Listed as #3 on Amazon)

Amazon US ➜ http://tinyurl.com/h98m8w7

Amazon CA ➜ http://a.co/6uCpo9H

Amazon UK ➜ http://amzn.eu/9qHjYyB

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iBooks ➜ http://tinyurl.com/jne4sxf

Kobo ➜http://tinyurl.com/hw6c
Rude – Can be read as a stand alone 

Warning: This book deals with some darker subjects. If you have any triggers at all, please read with caution but know that there is always light within the darkness.

“An unexpected evil brings both the MC and Military world together in this brand new series by J.M. Walker”

His past haunts him.

Broken and destroyed, keep him silent and withdrawn.

Vice-One is the family he had always needed but it isn’t enough. Shadows of a nightmare threaten to take back the control he craves until Brogan Tapp unknowingly puts him in his rightful place.

She pretends to be happy.

Smile. Laugh. Repeat. 

Going through the emotions of everyday life when really, she’s a scared little girl on the inside.

She tries hard to be what society considers as normal when Coby Porter helps her embrace the darkness within. He shows her it’s okay to be different.

Their souls collide, giving them the comfort they need when an unknown source takes pleasure in trying to rip them apart.

Rude – Can be read as a stand alone 

Amazon US ➜ http://a.co/6hwv8aN

Amazon CA ➜ http://a.co/aTi8Ndt

Amazon UK ➜ http://amzn.eu/0Eldvka

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🌟Forbidden Series by R.L. Kenderson🌟

Forbidden Blood – Book #1 



Next in line to lead the vampire species, Princess Naya Kensington has always abided by her royal responsibilities. At the urging of her best friend, Naya breaks the rules and crosses the line when she goes to a human nightclub. Following a chance encounter, Naya alters her life with a singular act forged from lust and blood.


Vaughn Llewelyn has secrets and obligations of his own, but he ignores them when he spots Naya across the nightclub. He wants her in a way he’s never felt before, and although he can’t possibly have more than one night with Naya, he knows no one else will do.


One night of forbidden love creates a bond that will forever change both of their lives…as well as their worlds.


As Naya moved closer, she found a small opening near the corner of the bar. When she reached the counter, it was obvious as to why the space had been empty. Next to her sat a disheveled man perched on a stool. He stank of alcohol and smelled like he was about a week overdue for a shower. He ogled her, making her uncomfortable, but people were swarming the bar around her, so she was unable to put the space she wanted between herself and the dirty drunk.

However, she was sick of people forcing her to do things she didn’t want to do, whether it was consciously or subconsciously on their part. She was going to get a drink, head to the floor, and dance until she started to have fun, even if it killed her. She would not let anyone ruin her plans.

“Hey, baby,” he said as he scooted closer, looking her up and down and almost falling over in the process. Apparently, his intoxicated state wasn’t going to stop him because he next slurred, “You’re hot,” as he swayed into her personal bubble.

She’d had to hold her breath when he spoke since his teeth hadn’t met a toothbrush in some time.

Naya faced forward and ignored him, hoping he would get the hint. While situations like this didn’t happen often, she had learned that silence was sometimes the best policy.

He leaned in closer. “I said, hey, baby.”

This time, she gave him a stern look. “Sir, I am not your baby.” She turned away, praying the straightforward approach would work.

“Wanna come home with me tonight? We can grab a six-pack of beer and fuck.”

She gasped. “No!” Gross.

“What? You don’t like beer?” He laughed at his joke and extended his hand to touch her.

She jerked her arm away and lifted her chin with confidence. “I’m here with someone.”

If only it were true.

He called her bluff. “I don’t see anyone with you. Why are you playing hard to get, dollface?”

She groaned. Why won’t he go away?

She took a small step back, irritated that she had to be the one to leave, when she sensed a presence behind her. Even though she couldn’t see the person, she knew immediately that he was big, male, and powerful. But she wasn’t afraid. In fact, a calm sense of relief came over her, and she instinctively recognized he was the one who had been watching her. The deep feelings he’d first stirred in her now flared to life. Anticipation, excitement, arousal, and exhilaration fused into one. Her head was spinning as her nostrils flared, and the lonely place between her legs blazed to life.

From the mirror behind the bar, she caught a glimpse of a virile male before he slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her flush against him, engulfing her body with his own. He kissed her neck and lingered there as if he had the right.

She tilted her head and let him.


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Forbidden Heat – Book #2


Payton Llewelyn, daughter to the cat-shifter alpha, wakes up with a throbbing head and a bullet wound to the hip. Recalling the events that led her there, the scent of a shifter permeates her senses—not that of a cat though, but of a wolf.


Damien Lowell, future pack leader of the wolf-shifters, has found himself in an impossible situation. Cat-shifters and wolf-shifters aren’t friends, and what Payton doesn’t know is that his father is behind her attack. He only meant to prevent her from being kidnapped, and he now has the wounded princess of the cat-shifters in his custody.


But when the heat becomes too much to handle, Damien and Payton must choose whether to follow their instincts or question the forbidden.




She tried to open her eyes, but she had a headache, and the daylight hurt her pupils. Then, there were the smells. She wasn’t at home or any other place that was familiar, and the scent of wolf-shifter was strong.

Wolf-shifter. Payton sat up in bed, jarring her side and sending shooting pains through her head.

“Oh,” she moaned as the previous night came back to her.

She’d left the restaurant after dinner with friends. Three humans had come out of nowhere and attacked. She had been injured, and then surprisingly, a wolf-shifter had saved her. It was all very strange.

There shouldn’t have been any wolf-shifters in the Twin Cities, but she supposed a few would slip past their radar every once in a while. Since this one had rescued her, she was shockingly unconcerned. So, that was not what bothered her the most.

Actually, it was the humans. Something about them and that whole situation disturbed her. She’d been in the lit parking lot of a busy restaurant in a good neighborhood. Why had they picked her to rob? Why there? Unfortunately, thinking only made her head hurt worse. She’d worry about it later. She should be more concerned about the present anyway.

She looked around the room, finally noticing her surroundings. Hardwood floors and walls all around showed that it was a cabin of some sort. From her spot on the bed, she looked through the window and could see the cloudy winter sky and an endless sight of bare trees with a small amount of snow coating the branches.

The scent of cedar was strong, but it wasn’t the wood cabin. It was her wolf.

My wolf?

She mentally shook her head. She’d meant, her wolf rescuer. It was obviously his place. She looked at the empty spot next to her with the rumpled sheets and the dent on the pillow. This was obviously his room. Had he slept next to her?

A cupboard slammed in the other room. Sticking her nose in the air, she caught a whiff of food cooking, and her stomach rumbled.

She searched the room for a clock with no luck, and she assumed it was late morning or early afternoon. It was light outside, and days were short in November, so midday was a good guess.

Throwing back the covers, Payton attempted to swing her legs over the side of the bed.

Bad idea.

Pain radiated everywhere. She would need to do this a little slower.

Carefully, she put her right leg on the floor first. She noticed her right leg was bare. She looked down at herself. She could feel she was sans underwear. A man’s flannel shirt was the only thing she wore. She grabbed the collar and brought it to her nose. Although the smell was faint, it was the wolf’s shirt. It had been washed after he’d last worn it, and now, her scent covered it, too.

She pulled up the shirt to look at her throbbing hip. The wound was bandaged and clean from what she could see. Next, she picked up a chunk of her hair, seeing it had also been washed.

He had bathed her, and she wasn’t sure how she felt about that. She appreciated his care, but she knew he’d seen her naked—as if things weren’t already awkward.

She lowered her shirt and moved to place her other foot on the floor. She was working up her motivation to stand when the wolf came to the door, carrying a tray of food.

They both froze.


Wow. Now, this was a man.


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Forbidden Temptation – Book #3


Since one fateful evening at a nightclub, Kenzie Swanson and Sawyer Lennar have shared an undeniable attraction. They’ve had moments where they couldn’t ignore their desires, succumbing to their needs, and Sawyer has marked Kenzie in a way that no other man can.


But there is one problem that continues to keep them apart.


As a cat-shifter with a traumatic past, Sawyer hates humans—and Kenzie is all human.


Sawyer’s hatred pushes Kenzie away, and they try to maintain their distance from each other—until they are mistakenly kidnapped and have to act as a couple. When the unforeseen happens, Kenzie can only do so much to deny herself from being intimate with Sawyer.


Given a chance at what might have been, Sawyer and Kenzie are forced to face the forbidden temptation to be with one another.  




She stared down at Sawyer, asleep in her lap. He looked so peaceful, and she felt a little bad that she would have to wake him. She brushed his tawny hair off his face and neck before picking his head up and softly setting it down on the edge of the driver’s seat.

She climbed out of the vehicle and opened the door to the house, so there wouldn’t be anything in their path from the car to the house once she woke him.

She opened the passenger door and poked his leg. “Sawyer. Sawyer.”


This time, she shook his arm. “Sawyer.”

Still nothing.

She leaned in and shook his shoulders.

Nothing again.

Finally, she reached into the car and lightly smacked him on the face while trying not to fall on top of him. “Sawyer, wake up.”


“Sawyer, you need to wake up, so I can help you into the house. It’s cold out here.”

No response.

She went back around to the driver’s side since his head was lying on the driver’s seat. She sat down on the outside half and gave him a few more pats on the face since that had seemed to get a response out of him. “Sawyer, you need to get up. Now.”

“Mmm,” he muttered again. This time, he turned his head toward her and mumbled a word that sounded like make or Nate.

“You big oaf, will you please get up?” she hissed.

He opened his eyes.

Finally. Apparently, calling him names had worked.

She leaned her head over, so he could see her better. He looked at her with his amber eyes and smiled, as in an everything-is-hunky-dory-and-life-is-good kind of smile. Sawyer rarely smiled and never a smile filled with such happiness and contentment. And he certainly didn’t smile at her.

Something wasn’t right.

She tried to see his pupils since he had been drugged and knocked out, but the garage was too dark to assess them.

“Hey there, big guy. Can you get up for me, so we can go into the house?”

“Sure,” he said with a dopey smile, still lying there without even attempting to get up.

Sure? Now, she knew something was wrong.

This was not the Sawyer that she knew. Sawyer was not passive. Sawyer was not cheerful. And Sawyer certainly did not agree with anything she said.

The sooner she got him into the house, the better.

“Okay, big boy, let’s get you up.”

She exited to go to Sawyer’s side of the vehicle again. As she walked around to the open passenger door, he stared at her the whole time through the windshield, almost as if he were in a daze. He was starting to creep her out a little because he was never like this.

When she reached him, she got his legs out of the car and grabbed his hands. “I’m going to help you sit up. On the count of three, you push, and I’ll pull, okay?”

“Okay,” he answered.

She wasn’t sure if he’d even heard what she said.

“Okay.” She nodded. “One, two, three, and go!”

She yanked on his arms, hard, and it appeared that Sawyer was trying to help, but holy shit was the man heavy. She got him into a sitting position, and his feet were on the ground, but it hadn’t been easy. It took another ten minutes to get him into the house, and despite the cold garage, she had started to break a sweat.

“Let’s go to the couch,” she told him.

Thankfully, it was cleared off. Her brother was a bachelor, and even though he was in his early thirties, he still lived like he was ten years younger. After she helped Sawyer get to the couch, she looked around and noticed the place was remarkably clean. She hoped it didn’t mean what she thought it meant.

She went over to the thermostat and saw that the temperature was turned down to sixty-two degrees. That wasn’t good either. She turned the heat up to seventy before she used the bathroom. She prayed her brother’s girlfriend, Anna, had left some feminine products there.

Kenzie was in luck. She was relieved to get rid of her makeshift pad. Thank God that she was on birth control, that her periods were really light and would only last a few days, and that she was already on day three.

After she was done with the bathroom, she rummaged around her brother’s coat closet for a warm coat, hat, and gloves. Once she found a spot to leave the car, she’d have to walk home. To say she wasn’t looking forward to freezing her ass off while wondering if someone was out there, planning to kill her, would be an understatement.

She looked back at Sawyer and tried to ignore her irritation. She knew it wasn’t his fault that he’d been drugged and injured, but it wasn’t fair that she would have to do this all on her own either. She could really use his help right now.

After finding everything she needed, she returned to his side to check on him before she left. His eyes were closed, but he didn’t seem to be sleeping, so she nudged him.

He opened his eyes and looked at her. She could see his pupils now, and they didn’t appear to be dilated. That was a good sign, yet something was up. Even injured, she couldn’t believe he wasn’t taking charge, getting things done, and bossing her around.

She’d have to worry about it later though. If she had to deal with one more piece of bad news right now, she might explode. “I need to go and get rid of the car, but I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

She put on her brother’s winter gear while Sawyer watched.

“Do you think you’ll be okay while I’m gone?”

No reply.

He just blinked and stared at her hands while she put on the gloves.

“Sawyer, did you hear what I said? I need to get rid of the car. Are you going to be okay?”

He slowly raised his head and looked into her eyes. His brow furrowed, he asked, “Who’s Sawyer?”


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Forbidden Addiction – Book #4

Phoenix and Dante’s story

Coming Summer 2017

Where to find R.L. Kenderson


Webiste: http://www.rlkenderson.com/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7375708.R_L_Kenderson

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rlkenderson

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rlkenderson

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rlkendersonauthor/

Tumblr: http://rlkenderson.tumblr.com/


Books by Jaimie Roberts 

Deviant by Jaimie Roberts 

***Warning: Contains strong language, violence and scenes of an explicit nature***

Most fairy tales end with a happily ever after. 

This is not a fairy tale. He is not her Prince Charming about to whisk her away into the sunset. This is a story about betrayal, lust, desire and, ultimately, revenge…

And revenge can only lead to one thing.


He was my stranger, my visitor, my shadow in the corner of my room. He stalked me, watched me, knew everything about me. But all I could do was sit and wait. I waited for him to visit me night after night. He was becoming my addiction, my craving, my obsession. He knew every inch of me, but I knew nothing about him. 

His calls himself Lotus and, as crazy as it sounds, I think I’m falling in love.


I wanted to take her, possess her, dominate her, and ruin her. I wanted to ravish her, please her, and consume her until I couldn’t take much more of her.

She will want me to kiss her. She will want me to hold her all night so that she feels a connection with me. I would make it so that she would seek me out in the dark. The one that satisfies her ultimate fantasy. A stranger who sneaks into her room. Someone who gives her the ultimate pleasure, but also seeks to give her ultimate pain. Pain she has never had to endure. Pain that will eat away at her until there is nothing left.

She was my nemesis, I was her lotus. And payback was a bitch.

Scars by Jaimie Roberts 

I had the perfect school, the perfect friends—the perfect life …

At least, that’s what I thought.

But you changed all that.

You are always there … Always watching … Always waiting in the shadows. You send me flowers and messages. You stalk me, trace my every movement… 

Until that one day, in a silly game of Seven Minutes in Heaven, when I finally get to feel you—have a taste of you …

It left me wanting more.

One catastrophic day, my wish is granted.

Just past my eighteenth birthday, tragedy strikes and I watch my family die before my eyes. 

You are there. You rescue me. You choose my life over my older sister’s, and I hate you for that. I hate you for taking me and imprisoning me. You say it’s for my sake, but I know it’s for your own. You make me see that my life could be much worse without you in it… 

You make me see true darkness.

It is in that darkness you make me desperate for your presence, your touch, your caress. You make me need you… You make it impossible for me to live without you… And then, eventually…

You make me fall in love with you.

Secrets will always wound the ones twisted within their web of lies… But the ones I’m tangled in … are deadly.

WARNING: Although this book (overall) is not a dark read, one chapter is an exception, and contains the following triggers: childhood sexual/emotional abuse with some intensity in one particular scene.



A step to close by Jaimie Roberts

I used sex to help me forget. 

To help me numb the pain. 

Because for those few minutes of pleasure, I could shut it all off. 

The reminders of all that I had lost. All that I had endured.

Of all that I saw die before my eyes.

I slept with a man I can’t get out of my head. It was supposed to be a one-time thing with no attachments and no commitments. No names were exchanged, no phone numbers swapped. And that was fine by me… until I lay awake at night, dreaming about that man’s caress. Wanting and yearning to feel his touch once more.

But one day, my fantasies of seeing this man become an all-too-consuming, nightmarish reality. Suddenly, he is in my house, that cocky grin of his silently promising more to come. 

And the reason being? His father is getting married to my mother. We are going to be family.

I am in the seven circles of hell. His look alone consumes my soul and makes me beg for more. He wants me and is determined to get me. I’m his obsession, and I’ve just become a slave to his infatuation… to the games he likes to play. The games he knows will have me surrendering to his will.

But that’s not the only problem. That’s not the only reason I am living in my own personal hell.

The year before I met my soon-to-be step-brother, Hunter… The year I made a decision that will ultimately end up destroying my very soul…

I lost my virginity to Hunter’s dad.

Warning: Contains scenes of emotional and physical abuse. Readers with sensitivity to such subjects are advised to proceed with caution.


Siren by Jaimie Roberts

’m not a good person. In fact, I’m a real bitch. If the opportunity arises, I will take your husband, give him the best sex he’s ever had, and laugh behind your back once I’m done with him. I do not put on airs and graces. I just take what I want whenever I want it. 

I am the abused who has become the abuser. I live for power because all power had been stripped from me for years. Now that I have it back, I feed off of it like it’s my primary sustenance, and I don’t care who I hurt in the process.

Every woman hates me, but do you know what? I don’t give a shit.

You won’t like me. I’m not here to be liked. You want to know my story? I won’t stop you from observing. Just know that once I’m done with you, no shower—no matter how scalding—will ever get me out from under your skin.

Warning: If you’re looking for pink, fluffy clouds, rainbows, and HEA’s, then this book is not for you. These pages contain flashback scenes of child abuse in all forms (physical, sexual, and emotional) as well as BDSM and other taboo themes. 

Love does not live in this book. Only dark, twisted, and sick obsessions thrive here. 

You. Have. Been. Warned!



*** Return to me by Kelly Moran*** With teasers and Blurb

THE DYSFUNCTIONAL TEST buy link: http://tinyurl.com/kcy3hmh
RETURN TO ME buy link: http://tinyurl.com/op6d7zl 
THE DYSFUNCTIONAL TEST: You are cordially challenged to a test of true love…
THE DYSFUNCTIONAL TEST buy link: http://tinyurl.com/kcy3hmh
Thanks to her large, crazy Serbian family, Camryn Covic is an expert at shutting down her emotions in order to maintain her sanity. But when she loses her apartment, her job and her boyfriend all in one day, she hits her breaking point. Worse, if her family finds out she’s single again, her sister’s upcoming wedding will be a disaster. The bride-to-be has a plan, though. A plan that involves an old friend, a pretend relationship… and the probability of ending up in a padded cell. Troy Lanske agrees to the crazy plan only because Camryn was once his lifeline as a foster child. But she isn’t the idealistic girl he remembers. She’s become so jaded that she doesn’t even believe in love anymore. He sets out to restore her faith in happily-ever-afters, but his plan backfires when the fake relationship begins to feel all too real. Falling for the one woman he can’t have could mean losing more than just his honorary family. He could lose everything.
RETURN TO ME: With every beat of the heart come a memory of what could have been…
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Ten years ago, Cole Covington was just another rich kid who got everything he wanted-including young and trusting Mia Galdon. Then one night everything changed, and two hearts were shattered. Cole buried his guilt in the military, where love was just part of the past. Now Cole has come back home, emotionally damaged, guarded, and unprepared for what’s waiting for him.
At the urging of Cole’s sister, Mia has returned to his family’s coastal home in Wilmington as a private nurse to help Cole recover. With her uncertain personal life at a crossroad, Mia doesn’t have the luxury of saying no to the job. She soon finds out that the attraction is still alive. So are memories of betrayal. But Mia will discover more than the power of resilience. She’ll discover a secret Cole has held for years, one that will force them to confront the past, and give new meaning to letting go, forgiveness, and a future worth fighting for. 

Author Lucian Banes Spotlight

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My name is Lucian Bane, and I’m an Ineffable Dom. That just means, do yourself a favor and please don’t

try to fit me into categories. Complicated Dom, Intricate Dom, or Confounding Dom work too.

I don’t want a woman I can break, or overpower, or exercise my dominance over. I want a woman I can

come undone with. I want a woman I can jump off the cliff with into that abyss of holy hell, this is beyond

me, beyond my control.

I think there are many men like myself, and I hope my writing will be a map for them. (A map for women

as well, to let them know Doms like this exist.) I want to challenge them to go for the complete power

exchange with a woman, but don’t be a coward and not give the same that they demand or expect. Consider

that when you give one hundred percent of yourself to a person, there is no more of you to give away. You

now belong to them the way they belong to you.

Inner Doms need a master to train them. I once bowed to my Dom’s reckless and tireless desires, but when I

gained control, he bowed to my will. The transformation made me into what I am today. What many would

call an Ineffable Dom. But its equal term in the Vanilla world, in my opinion, is a real man.

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“You remember what I promised to do to you love?”

She clasped her hands together and cleared her throat a little.

“Yep. I do.” She scraped at her fingernails. “I do.”

“Say it for me.”

“I’d rather not.”

“I’m the Dom tonight, love. That means you do as I say. And call me master.

Unless of course you’re ready to quit.”

She shook her head while looking off to the right. “No. No quitting. Just… tell me

what to do. Master.”

I didn’t know what ached more. My heart or my cock. “I want you to say it. Tell

me what I’m going to do to you.”

“Forced orgasm.” She tossed the word out.

“Yes. Forced orgasm. I’m going to tie you up. And I’m going to worship every inch

of your body. With my lips. My tongue. My fingers. And my cock. Now, stand up.

And undress for me. Slowly.”

My detailed description had shaken her. Not as much as it had me. To say the

words out loud got me so hard.

“Right now?”

“Right now.”

She hesitated briefly. “Can I pay you extra to get out of this?”

“You forget I’m willing to pay to be able to do it.” And that was still true.

“Fine.” There was that anger she’d encased her pain in. The one I needed to

crush. She stood and began to undress.

“Slower.” She huffed and slowed down and I watched her ass come into view

only to clench my eyes shut at seeing red welts. God damn.

“Turn to me.” I waited a few seconds and opened my eyes. She stood completely

nude hands covering herself.

I looked at her. “Can you guess what I’m going to tell you next?”

She took a deep breath and looked up with only her eyeballs then dropped her


“Very good. So very good. Now come here.” I stood and waited for her to obey,

my eyes locked on her breasts. The need to adore them took the strength from

my legs. She stopped before me, her gaze on my chest. “Undress me now.

” She rolled her eyes slowly up to meet mine with a really look. She shook her

head a little and began shoving my shirt up over my abs. I leaned a little so she

could pull it over my head.

“Get on your knees. And take off my pants.”

She dropped to her knees and did as I said, her movements still jerky

and pissed. That was okay. For now. When all of my clothes were off I

whispered, “Touch me.”



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“I got you.” No point in telling her that was the whole point. I concentrated on the

rope in my hands.

“Hold me tight! I have to lean. Fuck, I have to lean. Oh God! Shit.” The panic in

her voice made me want to pull her back from that drop and carry her back down

the mountain and keep her safe.

“Just lean baby and I’ll slowly let you go forward, okay?”

“Oh God.”

“Are you leaning?” Damn it, why wouldn’t they just let her rappel to reach the

flags? Why lean face first?

“I think. I think.”

“I’m going to let some slack very slowly into the rope.”

“Slowly!” she screamed. “Lucian, I’m scared.”

Her fear fucking pummeled me. “I have you!” I yelled back firmly.

“Don’t fuss at me, don’t fuss at me,” she whimpered.

“I’m not fussing at you baby, I’m sorry. You’re doing fucking great. Can you reach

it yet?”

She stretched. “Not yet. Oh God.”

How much further, one foot?”

“Yes, maybe. Maybe two?” She whimpered again, reaching for the damn flag.

“Okay, little bit more, love.”

“Okay, okay, I can almost reach it!” Triumph filled her voice. “I got it! Pull me up!”

Her cries of nervous victory echoed off the rocks surrounding us as I pulled her



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My hands trembled by the time we were naked and I helped her onto my cock.

She dropped onto me with a sharp cry of pleasure, bringing my orgasm raging

forward. I embraced her tightly to me, fighting it back, my breaths shuddering out

loudly. She held my head to her chest and the tidal wave climax slowly receded.

I gradually unlocked my arms from around her body and her delicate moans

began as she kissed me again. This time it was different. Sweet. Soft. God,

nobody had ever kissed me that way, not with that kind of tenderness. It was

fucking undoing me.

She stroked my face with gentle fingers. “Let me make love to you.”

Jesus Christ. I could only stare into her gaze, trapped in a need so hard and raw

I couldn’t speak. I prayed she saw it in my eyes, her making love to me was more

than anything I’d ever wanted, or ever knew to want.


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Dom Wars Box Set Round 3 & 4


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Dear. Fucking. God. I closed my eyes and lowered my head.

“Whata we gotta do? I’m ready.” She took off her shirt. “Mmmm, I’m soooo


Images of her sandwiched between those guys brought my fury in fresh waves.

“Maybe you can fuck yourself.”

She laughed. “Awww what’s the matter, is Lucian jealous? Maybe I should have

gone home with one of those guys? I could feel their cocks baby.”

I yanked off my shirt and stripped out of my pants. “I think you need to read your

assignment, love.” I threw the phone on the seat next to her.

She picked it up and squinted at it. “I can’t see.”

“It says that you need to ask me real nice to fuck you in your ass.”



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(what the fuck have I gotten myself into now?)

Shit’s gonna get real with Preacher Dom)

He turned to me and pointed. “Get ready Bane. To break like you’ve never

broken before.” He added a huge happy grin. “You’re one blessed motherfucker.

God must have some crazy shit planned for you, my brother. Because he went

far, far off the beaten path for your ass.” He tapped his chest, lightly. “And he

sent me to fetch you. Two birds with one stone, Bane. Two birds with one stone. I

get the money. And you get the real treasure.”

The outrageous idea/threat kicked my stupidity into high gear and I gave him my

most direct, unblinking stare. But it was time I convey that I was just as crazy as

him and not afraid to quit, no matter what. “Now that you got that off your chest,

my turn.” I took a few steps until I stood nearly toe to toe, eye to eye with him. “I

don’t mind being punished if I break the rules intentionally. But I won’t allow Tara

to be badly treated, and I won’t allow anyone to subject her to sexual penalties. If

and when that happens, I quit. We quit. Are we crystal clear?”

He stared at me so long I started to worry he was having a seizure. Finally,

his gaze flickered and a deranged expression gradually bloomed on his

face. “Cooperation isn’t something I need or require of you Bane, because I can,

and will, gladly beat it right out of you. That is my job as your Dom. And your job

as her Dom is to take whatever punishment she deserves. Because if she fails,

it means you failed to train her.” He poked my chest once. “But just so you know.

You go against God’s plan, Bane, and I will be your worst nightmare come true.”

My blood ran cold, but that pure, unadulterated rebellion brewed in my gut and

quickened my breath as I glared at him. “Don’t flatter yourself, preacher. I learned

all about nightmares at the hands of a true master in the third fucking grade. You

can make things difficult, even intolerable. You can even break me, that’s all fine

and good. But you will never be my worst nightmare.”

He stepped around me, dismissing me with a grunt. “You have no fucking clue

what a true master is, Bane. But you’re about to learn.”



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“Just focus on steering this boat, Lucian,” Tara cried. “Oh my God that is a waterfall!

A waterfall Lucian! On an island in the middle of the ocean!” “It’s fine love, we’ve got

you, nothing is going to—“ “Oh my God! Oh my God! The logs are coming apart! The

logs are coming apart!”

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