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D. M. Earl (Author)

Connelly’s Horde-Novella

Book 1

Wheels & Hogs (Series)

About Me


Married to my best friend.  I love to ride my 04 Dyna Lowrider motorcycle and ride beside my husband.  Have always loved to read even as a child.  In my youth I used reading to take me to other places and as an adult love to read to relax.  Always had stories in my head so thought I would try give it a try.  Besides writing and riding I love to garden, sit on my back deck or lounge in our pool in the summer.  Also enjoy being with family and friends and just enjoying life each day at a time.


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Teaser #1


Katie’s jealous mind got pissed about Dee Dee. Damn!  Des felt his cock start to harden just thinking of her name. What the fuck? Why can’t anything ever work out to his advantage or satisfaction? Now he is sitting alone, at home with a boner, a beer in his hand, and Dee on his mind. Come to think of it whenever he had Dee in his thoughts he usually always had a boner. Go figure.

Des puts his beer down, reaches for the buttons on his jeans in order to release his dick. His cock is as hard as steel as he continues to see Dee in his mind; how she looked and felt in his arms. The pre-cum is leaking out the slit on top of his long length, so he uses it to give him some lubrication as he starts to move his hand up and then down. Damn, he wishes it was Dee Dee’s hand jerking him off.

Even thinking about that makes him harder and hornier. Des’ breathing increases as he puts more pressure on his cock, moving his hand faster and faster. He feels the pressure start in his balls, while his thigh muscles tighten as he continues the onslaught of pressure and the quick up and down motion. Knowing that he is not going to last long, he pulls his shirt up just as long streams of creamy cum land on his flat, muscular stomach. Even though this was the second time his cock had released, he was once again left with an empty feeling. He is reminded that he is without anyone, especially Dee, and his softening cock in his own hand. So much for taking care of his boner, he thinks with a smirk.




Excerpt from Chapter 1- Connelly’s Horde Novella


As Desmond Connolly watches the woman’s mouth go up and down on his cock, his mind takes him back to the past, when another mouth had been on his cock doing the exact same thing. That blowjob had been way more of an enjoyable experience because he had actually liked the woman working on his engorged cock. He remembered those amber eyes that loved to watch him while her mouth had worked wonders on him. Unfortunately, all he had now were those memories.

His mind returns back to the present, just as Katie smiles seductively at him. Her mid-length bleach blonde hair surrounds his cock and feels like feathers on his skin. Each time her head goes up and then down it feels almost like a thousand feathers moving on his ultra-sensitive skin. As she runs her tongue along his bulging vein, just where he likes it, he feels the pressure in his lower spine and his balls start to tingle. He grabs her hair and gently maneuvers her to the tip of his cock, telling her, “Katie, no teeth dammit, just suck it, and suck it hard sweetheart. You know how I like it.”

As he holds her head, she returns to an up and down motion, and he starts to pump up into her warm mouth, all the way to the back of her throat. Due to his size and length, she is starting to fight him like she always does, and the thought always makes him harder. Even after all this time, Katie still struggles with his size. She is now starting to struggle a little more, not hard, but rough, so he lets up on her hair, as she comes up for air. Grabbing her hard nipples, he starts playing with them the way she likes. He can tell this is affecting her as she starts rubbing herself against him, dry humping his leg while moaning deep in her throat, which makes him suck in a breath. Knowing he has her so turned on he pushes her back down as she takes all of him in, sucking hard on his cock while her cheeks cave in and she swallows him like a vice. The motion of that action drives him to pump hard into her mouth as he feels himself moving towards his own release. He doesn’t want to cum down her throat, so he pulls her up, telling her to get on top, and ride him hard.

Katie throws her hair off her face as he reaches down to position his cock at her soaking entrance, only after putting on a condom. He watches her face as she starts to take him slowly into her warm, dripping pussy. He allows her a moment to adjust to his size before he starts to move and she grabs the headboard to get into a better position. Once she starts gyrating her hips, their thoughts are only on reaching their orgasms. Katie is moaning loudly now, calling out his name, while he reaches between them to put two fingers on her clit. She is so excited that not only is her clit swollen, but extended out of its normal hood and moist from her excitement. Katie actually purrs and reaches around to put her hands on his thighs so he has a perfect view of where his cock is entering her wet pussy.

Watching his cock appear and disappear into her has his whole body reacting as his cock gets even harder. He feels the walls of her cunt start to tighten up around him and it tells him that she is close. Connolly grabs her hips and flips her on the bed so that she is now on the bottom, taking back his control. He starts pumping in and out of her as Katie starts screaming his name. “God, yes Des, FUCK me, baby. Fuck me hard.” Des, as always, is happy to comply.

After a couple of minutes, he pulls out of her warm sheath while she lets out a loud scream, “NO!” He says nothing but he moves to the bottom of the bed, grabs Katie’s legs, and pulls her down to the edge. Once she is there, he lifts her legs straight up and holds them tightly together, then plunges back into her wet pussy. He starts thrusting in and out deeply, finally able to hit that sensitive bundle of nerves inside of Katie. As he pummels in and out, making sure to hit her g-spot each time, she thrashes her head from side to side while grabbing at the bed sheets. Des knows she is hanging on the precipice of her climax. He is so close, but being the man he is, he always takes care of his partner first. Watching her lose all control and cum all over his rock hard cock brings him that much closer to losing all control himself. He puts his finger in where they are joined to get some of that moisture, then parts her lips and taps quickly on her clit. That pushes her over the edge and he feels her walls clench his dick each time he pushes in, all while she howls her release and closes her eyes. He can feel her cum, not only around his cock, but leaking out between them running down the crack of her ass and then onto his bed. Her entire body is taut for a second or two before she totally relaxes and once again makes a soft mewling noise deep in her throat. As he watches her, his balls tighten up as she milks his cock and he knows the time has come for him to let his guard down and finally find his own release.

Des grabs her legs and wraps them around his hips while roughly pumping in and out of her. He feels sweat running down his forehead and into his eyes, but keeps the motion going, because he is so close. He feels her starting to twitch around his cock and knows she is going to explode a second time. Keeping up the pace he glances up and sees that she is staring at the connection between them.

“Does that turn you on sweetheart? Watching my cock going in and out of your tight pussy?”

Katie’s only response is to put her head down and groan. Des knows he has to get her there because his time is closely approaching. He takes one hand and pulls on her left nipple while his other hand starts rubbing circles on her clit. The overstimulation does the job and quickly pushes Katie into her second orgasm. Des feels her clench around his cock as he drives in. He feels warmth start in his lower spine as his balls contract and he starts to cum into the condom. His entire body tightens up as he shoots his load until he has nothing left. In his mind he whispers, ‘God damn, Dee, you bring me to my knees’. He falls on top of Katie, keeping some of his weight off by leaning on one elbow. She is slowly running her hands up and down his back, only stopping to squeeze his ass. She then reaches up, pushes a piece of hair out of his eyes, and wipes the sweat off his forehead.

He leans down and gives her a soft, affectionate kiss on the lips. Katie smiles up at him with a look in her eyes that actually startles him. Des feels uncomfortable under that all too familiar gaze of hers because he knows what that look means. He has always been upfront and very clear about what their ‘arrangement’ was, and definitely about what it wasn’t. They weren’t what you would call close friends, but they shared a sexual relationship when the need arose.

Neither of them are involved with anyone so this has always worked… or so he thought.

He didn’t want to ruin the mood, but needed to see where her head was, and more importantly, her thoughts were. He clears his throat, looks into her eyes, and gently states, “Sweetheart that was great. As always, you blow my mind and I really needed that tonight. You know I am glad we have this arrangement. Friends with great benefits that lets us enjoy each other’s company while taking the edge off when needed. Just remember Katie what this is and more importantly, what this isn’t, ok, honey?” Her hands drop from his body, immediately her eyes close. She shudders and softly replies, “Yeah, Des.”

After a moment or two of awkward silence, she softly asks, “Why can’t we have more? Take it to the next level? We have been doing the friends with benefits thing for how long now? A couple of years, on and off, right?”









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