About Book Pimpers

BookPimpers have now being up and running since July 2013. I had purchased my first kindle and got stuck into reading hardcore, over time after also becoming friends with a lot of authors I decided I wanted to become a blogger. The main objective for me and still is till this current day is to help and promote the authors work. I started to read different genres and found that I really enjoyed reading paranormal books, Erotica books, romance fiction etc. To now there is a massive list of books I have read along this journey some books I have forgotten and some have stuck with me all this time. I have met some amazing friends along the way in my previous book clubs on Facebook. I then realised after a time that I wanted to be more involved with the blogging side of things and that’s how BookPimpers came about.

I randomly thought of the name and decided then to start a Facebook page which then escalated into the website here. I wanted to give a little back to the book community by helping authors to promote there work free of charge.

When I have the time I like to read and review for my author friends. I also have a close friend that also likes to read and review for authors.


Here is a list of the things we do here at BookPimpers.




  • We read Arcs
  • Give Reviews
  • Promote on Social Networking Sites
  • Do giveaways
  • Provide Help for new authors
  • Interview Authors


We love to read books of all genres Paranormal, Erotic, Contemporary Romance,  We have a wide selection of books between us I couldn’t count how many  books we have on our kindles .

We enjoy receiving Arcs, Its a privilege and we enjoy giving our feedback to our Author friends.

Main part  is we love to get online and chat about all the books we have recently read and discuss the characters, and better yet drool over the book covers haha.


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